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Luxury Car Hire

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PB Supercars offers luxury car hire at great prices with an even better service. We have been in the luxury car hire sector since 2006 and will go out of our way to ensure your luxury car hire experience is smooth and reliable. Operating out of our Canary Wharf premises in East London, we can offer luxury car hire throughout the UK. We have a wide choice of options to include Aston Martin HireAudi HireBentley HireFerrari HireJaguar Hire, Lamborghini HireMaserati HireMcLaren HireMercedes HirePorsche HireRange Rover Hire and Rolls Royce Hire and other prestige car hire options within the Supercar Hire bracket.

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Luxury Car Hire

Luxury Car Hire Review- Audi R8

In 2007 Audi shocked the automotive industry when they announced that they, a car company that is notorious for a luxury car hire would be producing and selling a supercar that would compete with the chief's of the performance luxury car hire industry, the Lamborghini's, Porsches, Ferraris and so on.
What made the Audi R8 special on release was that it was £60,000 cheaper than its competitors, it lacked jaw-dropping style and was slightly less powerful but for the price of £90,00 the car proved to be a serious contender.

The 2007 Audi R8 meant business and filled a large gap in the UK luxury car hire market, a fast, low-priced luxury car with advanced technology. The Audi R8 was ahead of its time and Audi stuck with the same styling, chassis, and suspension and much more until 2014. The only problem with this car is that it was at the bottom range of performance cars, some people even insisted it was not a luxury car, it got some grief and criticism as all cars do but it was a great success. In 2015 however, the R8 evolved completely.  It kept the same price tag, but the performance, technology and styling all got an upgrade to really put this car on top of the London luxury car rental market.

When we say an "upgrade" that would be an understatement, this luxury car literally has the same engine and chassis as the Lamborghini Huracan, which is almost double the price of the Audi R8.

The R8 luxury car we have for hire has a 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds which is also the exact same 0-60 time as the Huracan! The two share the same V10 5.2 litre engine which gives the R8 a top speed of 205 mph. So in terms of speed, this car sounds like a bullet train. But what about the handling and drive? Well don't worry it's good news, Audi has showered this car with carbon fibre, giving it a total weight of just 1,555kg which is lighter than a Vauxhall Astra, definitely a vehicle not within the luxury car hire class. The steering is said to be extremely precise and is very predictable and easy to handle round the corners while really making use of the power of the v10 engine. Our supercar hire prices on this luxury car are fantastic, and we often also have last minute supercar hire offers available.

From everything you've heard so far you are probably thinking this luxury car hire option is a die-hard race car, made for those with a strong heart and stomach. Used only for the weekend's on the track. But you wrong, in comfort mode this car can be used as a daily driver and is the perfect solution for your cheap luxury hire needs. It is comfortable quiet and can achieve up to 23 mpg when driving around the city. In comfort mode, you can drive this car like it is you an average city car. But take it out of comfort mode and into sports mode and put your foot down and you have one of the fastest cars available on the road today. A true supercar experience.

Aston Martin reveal zero-emission prototype Luxury Car Hire Vehicle

As the rise of electric luxury car hire market shows, supercar manufacturers are increasingly considering environmental factors in their designs. Aston Martin now offers the new Lagonda as the beginning of a new generation of emission-free luxury car hire. The Lagonda is the world's first zero-emission luxury car hire solution.

Aston Martin has used the Lagonda name since the 1960s for luxury car sector, and this could be your perfect choice for your next sports car hire event.
Porsche tests the water with cross-utility vehicle intended for the luxury car rental market

Porsche have revealed a crossover vehicle, the Mission E Cross Turismo, intended to be used for the luxury car hire and sales market in London and UK.

The four-door electric car combines classic sports car features with everyday practicality and is a great option for your wedding car hire needs. It has been interpreted as a 'feasibility study' - an attempt to test the water for demand for such crossover cars and if test are successful PB Supercars is sure to add one to our cheap luxury car hire fleet. The Mission E Cross Turismo is powered by two electric motors, which offer a combined 590BHP. This, along with its speed and quick recharge time, are presented as the prototype's selling points.

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