Fancy a Supercar for Christmas?

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. Or maybe I’ll settle for a Lamborghini Huracan.

Supercar Christmas Present

It’s that time of year when we are looking for that ideal present, and what better way to spread joy than surprising your loved one with a supercar. It might seem a far-fetched dream, but getting behind the wheel of a supercar is closer to becoming a reality than you might have first thought.

Hire or Lease a Supercar

This is the quickest and easiest way to drive a supercar is to hire one. Be it for work or pleasure, hiring can be a convenient way to get yourself a Christmas treat. With the extended holiday period and the expectation to visit family in the far flung corners of Britain, a supercar can make Christmas a lot more enjoyable.

Alongside a short term hire, you could also consider a longer lease option. This can be an ideal way to spend some quality time with a car.

The great thing about hiring or leasing is you simply hand it back when you're finished and have none of the hassle of maintenance or insurance.

Buy a Supercar Experience

These are great gifts for anyone wanting a taste of the driving experience. There are many supercar experience companies around the UK, all with various options. Most popular are passenger experiences where a qualified professional takes a supercar around a track at speed. You can also buy driving experiences where you get to be behind the wheel and take the car around either a track, or quite often a disused airfield.

Another option is to gift a supercar experience voucher to allow someone to hire a car which they can then use on the open road. For more details on our supercar experience vouchers, click here.

Supercar Experience Vouchers

Supercar Experience Vouchers are great Christmas presents

Ferrari Electric Technology

Take a look at the used car market for some bargains

Used Supercars

If you’re not in the fortunate position to buy a new car outright, even with financing options, then consider the used car market. Have a look around and see if there is a model out there that will scratch the supercar itch. High end dealers such as HR Owen will have used supercar stock which you can browse to get inspiration. With a network of dealers, they will be able to facilitate a test drive. Other dealers such as Romans International and Dick Lovett are worth checking out to see what they have on their books. You could also explore the more commercial websites such as Autorader and Motors for your car. These sites will list used Ferrari, Porsche and even the odd Bugatti Veyron. They will often point you in the direction of smaller, but no less professional dealers who will have used car stock and will be eager to help.

If you fancy a Ferrari Enzo or a Maserati MC12, both of which have never been used, then both are up for sale at Romans International at the moment.

If you’re considering a used car, our top tips are:

Set a budget and include all the extras you will encounter, such as insurance, maintenance and storage. Have patience and be prepared to wait for the right car for your budget.

Do your research. Some models age better than others and those with the right extras, such as sound system, racing packs etc will have a better resale value in the future. All marques will have an owners club who are normally prepared to offer honest advice when asked. Use that research to ensure you don’t overspend.

Get the car checked out by a professional. Any used car comes with risks and you can only do what you can to mitigate these. Have someone you trust either accompany you to your appointment, or agree with the dealer for them to view the car at a later date. Make sure that person or organisation are experienced in checking out these types of vehicles as they will be looking for specific factors such as:

The basics, such as fluid leaks and brake wear

Suspension - This is a good indicator as to how the car has been driven

Engine Compression - A healthy reading gives you a good idea of the overall health of the engine

Transmission - They will need to give specific attention to the gear changes and the clutch condition. These will be an expensive outlay if you encounter problems after purchase.

Be prepared to negotiate. Don’t be put off by any of the issues that you might have uncovered during your inspections, these are good negotiating opportunities. All dealers are reliant on cash flow, so if you happen to speak to them at the right moment, you can often find that they are prepared to drop the price by a significant margin.

Remember, you can always hire before you buy to make sure you’re not making an expensive mistake.

Range Rover Luxury Car Hire

Biog boys Lego? Kit Cars could be a fun Christmas project

Mercedes Luxury Car Hire

The magificent Ferarri F-50 similar to the one sold by Rod Stewart

How About a Kit Car?

We all loved a lego kit for Christmas, so what do you feel about receiving a kit car as a present? They make fantastic weekend projects and can be tremendously satisfying to build.

There are a few options available, including the now iconic self-built Caterham Seven, based on the legendary Lotus Seven. Other popular models are variations on the AC Cobra, Ford GT40 or some British classics like the Austin Healey or Jaguar E Type. As these all use donor vehicles, the major advantage is you can build a car that is completely ULEZ compliant.

Extremely lightweight, kit cars can be huge fun to drive if you want snappy performance without the cost and hassle of a full fat supercar. If you fancy having a go at building one, you will have access to plenty of help and advice from a very dedicated online community.

Buy a Car from an Auction

If you’re after something special, then Sotheby's have regular, global auctions where you will find rare gems and historically significant vehicles. If these are slightly out of your price, then there are many car auctions happening on a regular basis up and down the country.

The same advice as buying a used car applies, have someone with you that understands supercars and advise you on potential problems. At least then you can bid knowing what you might be getting into.

Auctions are fun and an experience in themselves. We suggest that if you are looking to purchase through an auction and are unfamiliar with the process, go along to a few to understand what is expected without having the pressure of buying. Remember, if you are successful and have a winning bid, you will be expected to settle up on the day and take the car with you, or the auction house will charge for storage. A friend with a flatbed truck is handy to know…

There have been some high profile auctions recently including the sale of a 1960 Ferrari 250 GT SWB sold for £6.6m and a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB which sold for just shy of £2 million. These were sold to raise money for a new lifeboat in Wales. You also had the chance to buy Rod Stewart’s Ferrari F50 which sold for nearly £3 million. Or maybe you had a spare $51 million and just missed out on a 1962 Ferrari GTO. Auctions are often the chance to see such cars, so even if you’re not in the market for one, but are nonetheless a car enthusiast, keep an eye on the auction scene for these stories.

Whatever you choose and whatever you do get for Christmas, we hope you have a great time.

Supercar Christmas Present Idea

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