Flexibllity and Financial Sense - The Case for Supercar Leasing

Uncertainty over office commitments has seen an increase in shorther term lease arrangements compared to ownership

Supercar Lease Options

In recent years, supercar leasing has emerged as a serious alternative to purchasing for many enthusiasts. There is now a strong market targeting an evolving London workforce who require a new level of flexibility in the way they live, work and play.

Many factors influence why leasing a supercar can be the preferred way to have the weekend fun as well as offer us the day to day commute.

Lifestyle and Working Choices

Post pandemic, we've seen considerably more fluidity in working practices, allowing for employees and business owners to switch between employment locations. However, the way the pandemic upended the traditional nine to five and shifted the nature of how and where we work is still developing. As we navigate the new opportunities this offers, this is allowing people to embrace a new form of hybrid career, both in and out of the capital.

A recent report suggests in April 2023, central London employees were coming into the office only two times a week compared to four or five times per week pre-pandemic. The reduction in the need to be in the office has seen a noticeable trend in workers now choosing to live away from London and only commute in when required. Living away from the capital offers new possibilities, including the chance to drive the car of your dreams. The opportunity to mitigate the cost of living in London by moving to the suburbs has allowed a switch in priorities meaning driving a supercar becomes a real possibility. There are also practical considerations, such as the extended time you have available with the car and simple things like the space required for storage become a factor in deciding if getting a supercar is a realistic option.

However, until the true effects of these changes have a chance to solidify into our expectations around working commitments, some find it difficult to commit to the long term liability which comes with purchasing a supercar. Uncertainty surrounding the future of hybrid working leads to an increase in concerns about long term payments and depreciation should expectations about office working switch back.

Freedom of a supercar lease

Will new working practices give you the freedom to drive a supercar?

Supercar Lease Hire Fleet

The supercar hire fleet is also available as short term lease hire

As of spring 2024, there appears to be a push back from some businesses in allowing working from home hours. It has become the accepted norm that a significant percentage of Londoners can choose to work from home on a Friday. Anyone who has tried to go out in the city quickly realises that Thursday evening is the new Friday with the pubs and restaurants crammed with workers catching up before they head away. Companies seem to be challenging this trend and are now asking workers to be available in the office on a Friday, with some allowing alternative days during the week to work from home, or simply stopping work from home altogether. In January this year Landsec, who own nearly six million square feet of London office space revealed they have seen the number of workers now in the office on a Friday at the highest level since 2022.

In the UK, on April 6th, we did see the introduction of the right to request flexible working (not the automatic right to flexible working), which could have a knock on effect with how people organise their lives. We now see a lot of A-typical practices such as compacted working days, reduced hours and staggered hours which could lead to some resistance to moving back to an office environment.

The London real estate sector is very influential and we could see new incentives, or even future legislation brought in to protect the London commuter model and the associated services which they support. Short term supercar leasing then becomes the sensible choice for those still adjusting to the new normal. Rather than risk the potential negative financial issues with supercar ownership, those that still want to drive a supercar are looking to supercar hire companies to help. This is helping mitigate the uncertainty about ongoing office commitments.

Working from home

Working from home became the expected norm post-pandemic

Jaguar Land Rover Security

Flexible working can mean we avoid commuting on busy days

Digital Nomads

Another post-pandemic consequence is a boom in digital nomads. These are individuals who are not tied to a particular location and explore the globe to temporarily set up roots anywhere to live and work. For these people, this often means stepping away from permanently owned major assets such as property and cars and forging a life where they fancy. They embrace the non-permanence of this lifestyle but some still want the buzz from driving a supercar. For this group, being able to drop into a city and find a short term supercar hire lease for the period of their stay is perfect for the flexibility required.

Supercar hire leases are very popular within the digital nomad community as they provide the versatility which comes hand in hand with this lifestyle. Not staying in one place for too long forces digital nomads into embracing change and what better way to celebrate this by choosing a different car for every city in which you live. Also, a lot of digital nomads supplement their income by exploiting social media to present the very best of their lives to their followers. Hiring a supercar is a great way to provide content which is engaging.

Brexit and Supercar Hire

Although very difficult to unpick from the changes in post-pandemic working, the influence of Brexit has also had an impact on how some people access supercars. As certain businesses reevaluate their long term future in London, the capital has seen some sectors such as finance and banking begin to alter. Some within the financial sector now split their time between London and other EU financial centres, meaning they are less likely to own their London property and own a supercar. Bankers will often now receive monthly payments to lease a car while seconded for business positions in the capital.

Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads enjoy the flexibility of being able to lease a supercar

London City Post Brexit

The London financial centre is stilladjusting to post-Brexit employment

What Other Options?

If you have dismissed the idea of owning a supercar for time being and feel leasing a supercar is not for you, what else could you consider?

Lease Purchase
Specialised financial venture support for purchasing supercars is available. This is particularly used for collectors, or consortiums to purchase a rare or vintage car as a form of investment. Most supercar purchases involve a significant level of depreciation as soon as the car is delivered and driven. Some cars however will only increase in value, making them a very desirable tradable commodity. For example, a Ferrari Enzo once owned by the actor Nicolas Cage was bought by a collector using finance for £1 million and later sold for £3 million. Collectors will also put their name down on the waiting list for new models which they speculate will be worth more in the future. This purchasing model is not for everyone and you really have to know what you are looking for, plus you are committing to treating the car as a commodity and not something to use.

Co Ownership
This is a new innovative way for individuals to ‘own’ a supercar. Companies offer shares in a supercar club, in return for which you get a set number of miles per year for your chosen car. You are however also expected to also pay a percentage of the maintenance and insurance costs. This can be a simple way for supercar fans to get to know their car and use it when visiting certain countries where the co-ownership franchises operate.

Short Term Hire
Hiring a car for the weekend, or when you need it is a great way to access a supercar. This might involve a little more hassle in terms of returning and collecting the car more frequently, but at least then, you know you are only hiring the car for the time you intend to use it. If you want to hire a specific car regularly, it is always worth checking with the hire company well in advance to check if the model is available.

PB Supercars offer short term lease deals and long term hire options on all cars within our fleet. If you have any queries about how supercar hire works, or if a supercar lease is your better option, please contact us.

Choosing the supercar lease

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